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Early OV10 Panel over KHIF Current OV10 Panel
This is an early attempt at a panel for the OV-10. Over KHIF flying towards Weber Canyon. My current OV-10 panel.  Note the TACAN setting on the DME and the dual needle RMI.  Over Salt Lake City.
Early attempt to add a 3D panel to the T-38. A 150 foot ferriswheel at Lagoon Utah
My first attempt at a 3D panel.  This is David Culp's T38.  The attitude ball came from the A4 model.  The other instruments are out of the Citation-II model. A 150 foot high ferriswheel.  The "Sky Scraper" at Lagoon, Utah.
Alpha F4 Phantom Project
The link to the file...
Last update 28 Apr 2006

F4e Inprogress
A Screen shot picture...
This is an early alpha version of an F4E Phantom Jet.  The  3D model still needs some work: Gear doors, wing animations, cockpit...  It's very flyable right now.  You need David Culp's T38

Start of the 3D Cockpit
58,000 feet!
This is the start of the 3D cockpit.  Much left to do, but the basic flight instruments are there.
A close-up of the latest 3D cockpit.  Notice the altimeter, It's noon local and the sky is black,  58,000 feet ASL!
The F4 in a texure by Carlos Koblischek
Panel Closeup
Carlos Koblischek did a nice texture for the F4E.  I haven't mapped the wings yet, so they are still red.  His texture is available here. Another panel shot. 

The paraguy reworked